Continuance Sermon Illustrations

Continuance Sermon Illustrations

It has been well said that continuance is the test of reality.

If the Saviour's won your heart,
And for Heaven you've made a start,
Keep your eye upon the chart—
And go on!

Buy the truth and sell it not,
Hold for God the bit you've got;

Be content whate'er your lot—
And go on!

Feed on Christ the living Bread,
Drink of Him, the Fountain Head;
Think of why His blood was shed—
And go on!—
W. Luff

(2 Kings 2. 6; John 6. 66-68; Acts 14. 22; 26. 22; Phil. 3. 13, 14)

On his voyage to discover America, as day after day no land appeared, and again and again his sailors threatened mutiny and tried to persuade him to turn back, Columbus refused to listen to their entreaties and entered each day in the ship's log-book the two words—'Sailed on'.

(Exod. 14. 15; Num. 13. 30; Luke 9. 62; Heb. 6. 2) 229.

Some Christians are like hothouse plants, all right when the steam is on, with a special series of meetings or when a gifted minister of the Word or evangelist is among them. But when things are in their usual way, those saints somehow always dis-appear. Hardy plants are what are wanted—full of sap all weathers, Christians living for God all the days no matter who comes or who goes.

(Josh. 24. 31; Ps. 73. 23; Luke 24. 53; 2 Tim. 3. 14)

Continuance. Keep me from turning back.
My hand is on the plough, my faltering hand,
But all in front of me is untilled land;
What have I but this paltry grain,
These dwindling husks, a handful of dry corn,
These poor lean stocks? My courage is outworn:
Keep me from turning back.

(Luke 9. 62; 2 Tim. 4. 10)

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