Consecration Sermon Illustrations

Consecration Sermon Illustrations

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An Indian Prince's Decision

Bor Sing, heir of the Rajah of Cherry, India, was converted. He was warned that in joining the Christians he would forfeit the right to the throne of Cherry after the then ruling Prince. After the death of Rham Sing, the chiefs of the tribes met and unanimously decided that Bor Sing was not entitled to succeed him as his Christian profession stood in the way. Messenger after messenger was sent, urging him to recant, and they would all acknowledge him as king. His answer was: "Put aside my Christian profession? I can put aside my headdress or my cloak, but as for the covenant I have made with my God I cannot for any consideration put that aside." Afterward, although impoverished by litigations, he still stood true.—Sunday School Times.

The Best Way

Robert Chapman of Barnstaple, a great friend of the late George Muller of
Bristol, was once asked, "Would you not advise young Christians to do something for the Lord?" "No," was the reply, "I should advise them to do everything for the Lord."The Christian Herald.

Only five barley loaves!
Only two fishes small!
And shall I offer these poor gifts
To Christ, the Lord of all?

To Him whose mighty word
Can still the angry sea,
Can cleanse the lepers, raise the dead?
He hath no need of me.

Yes, He hath need of thee;
Then bring thy loaves of bread;
Behold with them, when Jesus speaks,
The multitudes are fed.

And when thine eyes shall see
The holy ransomed throng,
In heavenly fields, by living streams,
By Jesus led along,

Unspeakable thy joy shall be,
And glorious thy reward,
If, by thy barley loaves, one soul
Has been brought home to God. Otterbein Teacher.

The Life That Abides

There were two sons in the Taylor family in England. The older one said that he must make a name for the family and he turned his face toward Parliament and honor. But Hudson Taylor, the younger, decided to give his life to the service of Christ, and so turned his face toward China. Hudson Taylor, the missionary, died beloved and known on every continent. "But," says one, "when I looked in the encyclopedia to see what the other son had done, I found the words, `The brother of Hudson Taylor.'" Again in modern history has been lived out in our modern life the story of the talents. Build a life upon the foundation of self, and it is lost; but build it in the service of men and to the glory of God and the name by which that life is identified shall abide.—Ruth McDowell, in C. U. Herald.

If the Whole Nation Were Christ's

We quote a letter received from an English friend who lived through the weeks of the Nazi threat on England. In the letter he wrote: "As one man, the whole nation has handed over all its resources to the Government. We have invested the Cabinet with the right to conscript any of us for any task, to take our goods, our money, our all. Never have rich men set such little store by their wealth; never have we been so ready to lay down life itself, if only our cause may triumph." We should like to substitute the word Christ for the three words Government, Cabinet, and Cause. This is the way it would read: "As one man, the whole nation has handed over all its resources to Christ. We have invested Christ with the right to conscript any of us for any task, to take our goods, our money, our all. Never have rich men set such little store by their wealth; never have we been so ready to lay down life itself, if only Christ may triumph." Bulletin of the Moody Bible Institute.

Your Best

It is said that a committee once called on Enrico Caruso, then at the zenith of his operatic fame, to ask if he would sing at a concert for the benefit of the soldiers. The chairman of the committee hurriedly said, "Of course, Mr. Caruso, as this is a charity affair, we would not expect you to do your best. Your name will draw the crowd and you can merely sing some song requiring little of strength or skill." Caruso is said to have drawn himself to full height as he said, "Caruso never does less than his best."

There are altogether too many Christians entirely willing to give God less than their best. Fag ends of time and the dregs of the purse are sufficient for Him, they think. What an awakening at the judgment seat of Christ!—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

"Let Me Go"

Lee Lockett, my wife and myself were in school at Baylor at the same time. Lee went as a missionary to dark Africa —he married a beautiful Christian girl a few years ago their children had to be brought back to America because of African fever—While they were out at Abilene where her people lived, one day as they were driving through a creek, the flood waters came down on them suddenly and the three children were swept away, and all three drowned. Lee and his wife got on a boat and went back across to dark Africa. Finally her health failed and she had to come back to America for her health, and now, just as she was restored to go back with him, without a word, his little engine stopped, and he woke up in heaven. She is left alone —Do you know what she is doing?—Think of this, with her three children buried yonder, her husband buried beside them, this woman, this wife and mother alone now, got everything ready to go back to give the rest of her life. She said, "Let me go"—"Let me go".—"Let me go."

That is the spirit of the cross, that's the marred life made another and better vessel.Florida Baptist Witness.

"He Is All My Life"

A mother, saved from heathenism, was asked, after worship, whether she could send away her only little boy for Christian training. "He is all my life," she cried. After a struggle, she brought him to the missionary. Pointing Heavenward, she said, "Thomas, Christos." God's joy flooded her. The boy became a mighty witness for Christ.—The Gospel Herald.

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