Church Sermon Illustrations

Church Sermon Illustrations

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A few weeks ago a certain preacher preached on the recognition of friends in Heaven, and during the following week this letter came to him: "Dear Sir, I should be very much obliged if you could make it convenient to preach to your audience on the recognition of friends on earth, as I have been coming to your building for nearly six months, and nobody has taken any notice of me yet."—The Evangel.

Too Much Like Hell

A young lawyer, an infidel, boasted that he was going West to locate some place where there were no churches, no Sunday schools, no Bibles. Before the year was over, he wrote to a classmate, a young minister, begging him to come out where he was and start a Sunday school and preach, and "be sure to bring plenty of Bibles," closing his letter with these words, "I have become convinced that a place without Christians and Sundays and churches and Bibles is too much like hell for any living man to stay in."—Echoes.

A Crying Need

Ah, how we need new churches ready to pluck out their eyes for the gospel's sake. God give us a new, a sweeping, burning, consuming zeal for Christ! We are in a wilderness way! We are dying of thirst for the wells of water springing up into eternal life! We need power! Oh, for a day at the right hand of God! Spirit of God, return! Come again to the churches Thou hast given up! Anoint once more the ministers who have lost passion! Yet again give to the young men visions! Recover Thy church ere it be too late! Restore to Thy people the joys of salvation! Renew a right spirit within them! Then shall transgressors be taught Thy way, and sinners shall be converted unto Thee.— J. C. Massee in the Watchman-Examiner.

O Church of Christ, awake, awake,
And arm thyself with His own power;
The hosts of sin are striving hard
To win the conflict of the hour.

O Church of Christ, thy foes are great,
The battle calls for strength divine;
Omnipotence is thy defense,
Let all its power, its strength, be thine.

Then seek through prayer the promised aid,
The arm of flesh is sure to fail,
But armed with God's eternal power,
The Church both must and shall prevail.

Then up, and to the battle's front,
Alert, and eager for the fray;
Strong in the strength of His great might,
Stand fast and watch and fight and pray.Selected.

A Strange Family

The father had never missed church or Sunday school in twenty-three years. The mother had had a perfect record for eleven years. A son has not missed for twelve years. A daughter has been at the evening service every Sunday for eight years.

What's the matter with the family, anyway? Don't they ever have company on Sunday to keep them away from church?

Don't they ever get tired on Sunday morning.

Don't they belong to any lodges, where they get their religion, instead of at their Father's house, or to any clubs, or to anything?

Don't they ever have headaches, or colds, or nervous spells, or tired feelings, or sudden calls out of the city, or week­end parties, or business trips, or picnics, or any other trouble?

Don't they ever have a radio, so that they can get some good sermons from out-of-town preachers?

Don't they ever get a lot more good out of reading a sermon out of a book?

Don't they ever get disgusted with the social Gospel, or whatever it is that their minister preaches?

What's the matter with this family anyway, and why are they so happy and cheerful? We leave it to you to answer. Southern Churchman.

Burying Dead Church Members

A funeral for dead church members was held last Sunday in the Christian Church at Jackson, Miss., at which time the pastor, the Rev. James N. Faulconer, placed the names of fifty inactive church members in a small artificial casket. In announcing his novel theme, this alert young pastor stated that "when one ceases to function in the church program, he is dead, and it is time for his funeral." This is nothing more nor less than plain truth, no matter how much some church members may dislike it.

The workers in a beehive sting the drones to death and get rid of these lazy parasites. But drones in a congregation may refuse to work or neglect to pay and still sit in the "amen" corner and get credit for being veritable pillars of the church.

As for the carping critics who talk their heads off telling the world what is wrong with the preacher and the church, it is very seldom that these worthies are either able or willing to offer a constructive suggestion. The "holding back strap" of horse and buggy days was a necessary part of the harness, but it was the traces and the collar that carried the load. The more church members there are in Hattiesburg and South Mississippi who are pulling, the faster we will move toward the kingdom of heaven.

Here is the full list of "dead ones" as announced by Jackson's live wire, Jimmy Faulconer. As you read it, spend more time in asking whether any of the names fit you than in seeking to tag some other fellow:

The names of those read to the congregation were: John Backslider, Anna Lukewarm, Margaret Indecision, Alma Gossiper, Jim Knocker, Edith Never Help, John I. Dolittle, Henry Never Pay, FrankNon-Missionary, Harry It Can't Be Done, Lizza Sunday Headache, Judas Iscariot, who sold the church for gain, Tom I-Know-It-All, Rachel Joy Killer, Carl Changeable, Maul I-Can't, George Sleep Late, Fritz Some Day, Mrs. I. Am Wise, Cliff Selfishness, Florence Sensuality, Arthur Appetite, Maud Hatred, Homer Temper, Stella Impatience, Robert I-Am-Busy, and the Critical Family of six who are: Harry, who thinks the preacher preaches too long; Jane, who thinks the pastor should call oftener; Ike, who thinks the church has too many calls for missionary help; Callie, who doesn't like the choir; and Glenn, who thinks there are hypocrites on the official board of the church.Selected.

The Handicap of the Church

"The great task of the church today is not (only) to get sinners into Heaven, but (also) to get saints out of bed."The Rev. Ralph W. A. Mitchell, in "The Evangelical Christian."

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