Church Sermon Illustrations

Church Sermon Illustrations

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The Layman Speaks—The Church Is Right!

Almost everyone has told us what is wrong with the Church...

I believe the Church is right. And as a Church member I want to tell what I think is right with the Church... .

I think the Church is right because it has taught me about Jesus Christ and Him crucified...

My Church has taught me about the Bible... .

My Church has given me faith. . . . It has taught me how to pray... .

The Church has taught me to appreciate all the good things which have been showered upon me. In my early youth I believed that food and clothing and the luxuries of life were mine because I was alive. Now I know that God has given me these things because of His love. As a man, I like to know who has been good to me. .

The Church has helped me find peace so I am content whatever my state may be.

Church has continually influenced my life and always in the right direction....

The Church has given me friends, real friends. When all other friends forsook me because material resources had dwindled away, the Church continued to welcome me, and I believe, put just a little more warmth in their welcome than before... .

As I look back I see the wonderful many things it has done for others, countless thousands who have faith and hope and life today because of the Church... —Donald M. Foster, Presbyterian Elder, Trenton, New Jersey

Keeping One's Soul Out of the Dust

Lovest thou me? There is a quiet, little man, a vendor of fruits and vegetables, who passes my door every day. One day I picked up a small notebook near the spot where his wagon stood. On the first page I was much surprised to find these words: "For his body's sake, which is the church." Throughout the book were scriptural quotations and many notations like these: "The following were absent from Bible School last Sunday, be sure to visit them." "Ask about the sick baby." "Leave fruit for the blind lady." "Speak a word of cheer to the old cripple man." "Invite the new family to church services." The next day I handed the book to the humble fruit peddler, with the query: "I wonder if you dropped this yesterday?" "Yes, indeed," was the answer. "It is my book of reminders, as I call it. I thank you." I told him I had glanced at the contents and expressed my surprise at their unusual character. "Well," he answered, pointing to the first page text, "this is my motive, my reason, for doing things, `For his body's sake, which is the church.'" Then with an illuminating smile he added, "You see, it keeps my soul out of the dust."—Alliance Weekly.

A Decaying Church

There is a story of an artist who was asked to paint a picture of a decaying church. To the astonishment of many, instead of putting on the canvas an old, tottering ruin, the artist painted a stately edifice of modern grandeur. Through the open portals could be seen the richly carved pulpit, the magnificent organ, and the beautiful stained glass windows. Within the grand entrance was an offering plate of elaborate design for the offerings to missions. A cobweb was over the receptacle for foreign missions! Gospel Herald.

Church of God

Church of God, the Master calls to you,
For the fields are white with rip'ning grain;
Send forth reapers, for there's work to do,
Time is fleeting, shall He call in vain?

Church of God, awake, the call obey;
Linger not, the harvest time draws nigh;
Hasten forth, while it is called today;
Seek the precious sheaves, nor pass one by.

Church of God, to every nation go;
Preach the Word, as Jesus gave command;
May the Gospel, in its onward flow,
Cease not till it reaches every land. —Fred Scott Shepard.

Reasons, or Excuses?

A pastor of the United Lutheran Synod of New York recently chose a unique way to show up the absurdity of most excuses for non-attendance at church. He published in his church bulletin: "WHY I DON'T GO TO THE MOVIES—Because my parents made me go when I was a boy. Because no one speaks to me when I am there. Because they always want money. Because the manager never visited me in my home. Because the people who go there never live up to what the movies teach, anyway." Christian Union Herald.

A Dictionary of Christians

To Which Group Do I Belong?

  1. Pillars—Worship regularly, giving time and money.

  2. Supporters—Give time and money if they like the pastor and treasurer.

  3. Leaners—Use the church for funerals, baptisms and marriage, but give no time or money to support the church.

  4. Working Leaners —Work but do not give money.

  5. Specials—Help and give occasionally for something that appeals to them.

  6. Annuals or Easter Birds—Dress up, look serious and go to church on Easter.

  7. Sponges — Take all blessings and benefits, even the sacraments, but give no money to support the church.

  8. Tramps—Go from church to church but support none.

  9. Gossips—Talk freely about everyone except the Lord Jesus.

  10. Scrappers—Take offense, criticize and fight.

  11. Orphans — Are children sent by parents who do not set them an example.

  12. Backsliders—"Go back and walk no more with Jesus" (John 6:66).

  13. Hypocrites—Are leaners who say they are better than churchgoers.— The Messenger.

Which Are You Wearing Out?

They knew each other intimately. Said one, "I've been in the harness of this church for twenty-two years." "Yes," said the other, "and during that time you've worn out fifteen holding back straps and only one collar."—Record of Christian Work.

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