Chirst Sermon Illustrations

Chirst Sermon Illustrations

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Sufficiency of Christ

I heard Booth-Tucker say that he preached in Chicago one day, and out from the throng a burdened toiler came and said to him, before all the audience: 'Booth-Tucker, you can talk like that about how Christ is dear to you and helps you; but if your wife was dead, as my wife is, and you had some babies crying for their mother, who would never come back, you would not say what you are saying.'

Just a few days after, he lost his beautiful and nobly gifted wife in a railway wreck, and the body was brought to Chicago and carried to the Salvation Army barracks for the funeral service. Booth-Tucker at last stood up after the funeral service and he stood there by the casket, and looked down into the face of the silent wife and mother, and said: 'The other day when I was here, a man said I could not say Christ was sufficient if my wife were dead and my children were crying for their mother. If that man is here, I tell him that Christ is sufficient. My heart is all crushed. My heart is all bleeding. My heart is all broken, but there is a song in my heart, and Christ put it there; and if that man is here, I tell him that, though my wife is gone and my children are motherless, Christ speaks comfort to me today.'

That man was there, and down the aisle he came, and fell down beside the casket, and said `Verily, if Christ can help us like that, I will surrender to Him.' He was saved there and then.—Dr. John Wilson in The Christian

(2 Cor. 12. 9; Heb. 4. 15, 16)

Testimonies concerning Christ

Henry Morgenthau—`The greatest personality in human history is Jesus. We shall never escape from war but by following His teaching.

Horace Bushnell—'His character forbids possible classification with men.'

A Hindu Professor in S. India—'My study of modern history has shown me that there is a moral pivot, and that more and more the best life of the East is revolving round it. That pivot is Jesus Christ.'

A Brahmo-Samajist—`There is no one else seriously bidding for the heart of the world except Jesus Christ. There is no one else in the field.'

Benjamin Franklin—`Christ's system of morals and religion as He left them to us is the best the world has seen or is likely to see.'

Ernest Renan—'He is the incomparable Man to whom the universal conscience has decreed the title of Son of God, and that with justice.' (Renan was a French infidel, a philosopher and historian acknowledged to be the first man of letters of his day).

Daniel Webster—`I believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. The miracles which He wrought establish in my mind His personal authority and render it proper for me to believe what He asserts.'

Professor Simpson, M.D., D.Sc., President of the Royal College of Physicians, said in his final address to the College:

do not know in what mood of pessimism I might have stood before you today had it not been that, ere the dew of youth had dried from off me, I made friends with the sinless Son of Man Who is the well-Head of the stream that vitalizes all advancing civilization and Who claims to be the First and the Last, and the Living One Who was dead and is alive for evermore.'

(Matt. 27. 54; John 4. 42; Acts 2. 36; Heb. 13. 8; 1 John 1. 1-3)

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