Chewing Gum Sermon Illustrations

Chewing Gum Sermon Illustrations

Santa Anna, the villain of the Alamo, wTas virtually the founder of the chewing gum industry. One of his exiles was spent on Staten Island, N. Y. When he sailed away he left behind in a desk drawer a hunk of chicle, a gummy substance from a Mexican tree. It came into the hands of Thomas Adams who had seen the general chewing it. He added sugar and a flavor, rolled it out with a rolling-pin, cut it into strips and sold it in a candy store in Jersey City. He ordered more chicle and in 1871 he took out a patent on the first gum-making machine. Today, every man, woman and child in the United States chews, on the average over one hundred sticks of chewing gum. The stuff so consumed has a retail value of hundreds of mil­lions.

The manager of a Tennessee electric railway claims to have received the following letter:

"If the simpering, snub-nosed, tight-skirted, face-be-daubed, tittering little ninny, who stuck her gum on the street car seat on the Broadway line last Thursday evening, and permitted me to sit down on it, will call on my
office in  the  ............................   building, she can have the gum back. It is on the southern front of my spare trousers. If she can't get the gum off, she can have the pants too."

"What is the difference between a gum-chewing girl
And a cud-chewing cow?"
"Oh, yes! I have it now!
It's the intelligent look on the face of the cow."

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