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A People of the Book

John Richard Green begins his second volume of A Short History of the English People with these words: "No greater moral change ever passed over a nation than passed over England during the years which parted the middle of the reign of Elizabeth from the meeting of the Long Parliament. England became the people of a book, and that Book was the Bible."—The Chaplain

World's Oldest Bible Found

The discovery of a pile of dusty manuscripts in a Cairo bookshop, by Herman Junker, director of a German Archaeological Institute, is of more than ordinary interest. Hans Gerstinger, chief of the manuscript sectit n of the Austrian National Library, says, "The laboriously written pages date back to the second century." The sheets do not include the entire Bible, but the Gospel of Matthew and Paul's Epistles are complete, and there are fragments of the Old Testament. In all 190 sheets were found. These Gospels, if Gersinger's estimate as to their age be correct, were actually written within 200 years of the lifetime of Christ!—Perhaps as near as 150 years.

That this is another severe blow to the critics goes without saying. In this unbelieving age God is giving more and more evidence to silence the enemy, and to give a clear light of fact for faith to feed on. There is plenty of evidence of the authenticity and genuineness of the New Testament. The incontrovertible fact is, God has spoken.

The believer reads with joyous assurance, "Forever, 0 Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven" (Ps. 119:89). It is comforting to know that God has magnified His Word above His Name (Ps. 138:2). The Bible will stand.—The Evangelical Visitor

Peril of Ignoring the Bible

The frightful fall of Prince, of the Agapemone, emphasizes the fact, extra-ordinarily pregnant, that our Lord, in the moment that He was baptized with¬out limit in the Holy Ghost, yet when confronted by hell, relied on the Word. A. A. Rees, an intimate friend of the Prince, says of the latter that he was extraordinarily devoted to God, and his private life was in harmony with what he appeared in public. He was unusually blessed in the edification of saints and the conversion of sinners long before he entered the public ministry. Few were more deeply acquainted with the Scripture, and he was a man of prayer and self-denial. But a book he read about the ministry of the Holy Spirit led him to give himself up unreservedly to the ' Spirit's guidance... As he grew in this habit of yielding absolutely to spiritual guidance, the Bible became less and less his study and he ended by neglecting it altogether. Being thus guided in every detail of his daily life, he [thought he] no longer needed the written Word; and the total abnegation of his own judgment followed. This complete surrender of mind and will to what he believed to be the guidance of the Holy Spirit left him a prey to the terrible delusions in which he was at last engulfed. So also his successor, J. H. Smyth-Piggott, once wholly devoted to God, yielded to an untested spirit, and is now a false Christ, awaiting, as an old man, in the "Abode of Love," his thousand years' reign as Messiah.—The Dawn

Billy Sunday's Estimate of the Bible One of the most beautiful and truthful tributes to the Bible ever written is that by Billy Sunday, voiced by him in his preaching.

"Twenty-nine years ago, with the Holy Spirit as my Guide, I entered at the portico of Genesis, walked down the corridor of the Old Testament art-galleries, where pictures of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Isaac, Jacob and Daniel hang on the wall. I passed into the music room of the Psalms where the spirit sweeps the keyboard of nature until it seems that every reed and pipe in God's great organ responds to the harp of David the sweet singer of Israel.

"I entered the chamber of Ecclesiastes, where the voice of the preacher is heard, and into the conservatory of Sharon and the lily of the valley where sweet spices filled and perfumed my life.

"I entered the business office of Proverbs and on into the observatory of the Prophets where I saw telescopes of various sizes pointing to far off events, concentrating on the bright and morning Star which was to rise above the moonlit hills of Judea for our salvation and redemption.

"I entered the audience room of the King of kings, catching a vision written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Thence into the correspondence room with Paul, Peter, James and John writ-ing their Epistles.

"I stepped into the throne room of Revelation where tower the glittering peaks, where sits the King of kings upon His throne of glory with the healing of the nations in His hand, and I cried out:

All hail the power of Jesus' Name,
Let angels prostrate fall
Bring forth the royal diadem
And crown Him Lord of All." —The Watchman-Examiner

The Precious Word

A pocket Testament, dropped from an English warship in a Japanese harbor in 1854, was the beginning of an endless chain of blessing, reaching to the present day and beyond. A Japanese general, Murata, who was suspiciously watching the movements of the alien vessels, picked up the little Book. But he could not read it. A Dutch interpreter informed him that it told about God and Christ—which only increased his perplexity.

At last he secured from China a translation of the strange Book. He read and was profoundly impressed. Risking death, since the Christian religion was strictly forbidden in Japan, he and his brother came to Dr. Verbeck for baptism.

Their distinguished rank added to their influence upon others, and there are many Christians in Japan today who owe their religion to the Testament fished out of the waters of Nagasaki harbor.—Elim Evangel

"Doth God Care?"

Just as Dr. Judson had finished translating the New Testament into Burmese, he was cast into prison. His wife took the precious manuscript and buried it in the ground. But, if left there it would soon decay, while to reveal its existence to its foes would surely lead to its destruction. So it was arranged that she should put it within a roll of cotton and bring it to him in the form of a pillow, so hard and poor that even the keeper of the prison did not covet it. After 7 months this pillow, so uninviting externally, so precious to him, was taken away, and then his wife redeemed it by giving him a better one in exchange. Sometime after that he was hurried off to another prison, leaving everything behind him, and his old pillow was thrown into the prison yard, to be trodden under foot as worthless cotton; but after a few hours one of the native Christians discovered the roll and took it home as a relic of the prisoner, and there, long afterwards, the manuscript was found within the cotton, complete and uninjured. Surely the hand of the Lord was interposed to save from destruction the fruit of years of toil, so important to those who were to read from the Burmese Bible.—Reformed Church Record

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