Bible Sermon Illustrations

Bible Sermon Illustrations

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What A Testament Did

A Japanese colporteur reports that in a certain village of 430 houses he sold 400 copies of Scripture. This unusually high proportion of sales was due to the persuasion of his companion's life. Of him people said, "If Christianity is like Miyamoto's religion we would like to believe it."

And who is Miyamoto?

At the age of seventeen he was condemned to penal servitude for man­slaughter. He spent more than twenty-five years in prison. One day he found himself in a certain prison with a group of discontented men who were planning a riot. Suddenly a Book fell from a shelf and struck him on the head. As he picked it up he noticed that it was open at the words, "Come unto Me." And how had a New Testament come into the prison?

The governor, who was a Christian, had placed it there.

Miyamoto sought an interview with the governor in order to find out the meaning of the words, and this good man led him to Christ. He went on reading the Testament. His character changed; he was released under special Imperial amnesty. He returned to his own village and family. His faithful, hardworking life won for him the respect of the community. At one time he planned to change his place of residence, but his fellow villagers begged him to remain in order that his life might be an example to their boys. No wonder that when he accompanied the colporteur so many copies of Scripture were sold.—T. E. Ashford, With Tongue and Pen.

Curious Bible Facts

As all Bible lovers are eager to gain knowledge regarding the most unique Book in all the world, we have sought to tabulate several facts and statistics, curious and otherwise, regarding it. We would suggest that the following be cut out, and kept inside your Bible.

                      Old Testament        New Testament        Total
Books                       39                           27                      66
Chapters                 929                         260                  1,189
Verses                23,214                      7,959                31,173
Words               592,439                  181,253              773,692
Letters            2,728,800                  838,380           3,567,180
Middle Book     
                         Proverbs            II Thessalonians
Middle Chapter  
                          Job 29                Romans 13, 14
Middle Verse
             II Chronicles 20:17-18       Acts 17:17
Shortest Chapter
                      Psalm 117
Shortest Verse
                I Chronicles 1:25            John 11:35
Longest Chapter
                      Psalm 119                   Luke 1

The middle verse of the whole Bible is Psalm 118:8. The longest verse of the whole Bible is Esther 8:9, containing 90 words.

Ezra 7:21 contains all the letters of the alphabet, except J.

II Kings 19 and Isaiah 37 are exactly alike. Ezra 2 and Nehemiah 7 are similar.

The last two verses of II Chronicles and the opening verses of Ezra are alike.

The word "and" occurs 35,543 times in the Old Testament, and 10,684 times in the New Testament.

The word "Jehovah" occurs 6,855 times in the Bible.

The name of "God" does not occur in Esther or the Song of Solomon.

The letter Mem in the Hebrew text occurs 77,778 times; the letter Vau, 76,922 times; Teth, 11,052 times; Samech 13,580 times.

In Psalm 107 four verses are alike, 8, 15, 21, and 31.

Each verse in Psalm 136 ends alike.

The Bible was divided into chapters by Cardinal Hugo de Sancto-Caro, about 1236.

The Old Testament was divided into verses by Rabbi Mordecai Nathan, in 1661.

The New Testament was divided into verses by R. Stephens, a French printer, it is said, while on horseback.

The Septuagint, a translation into Greek, was made in Egypt 285 B.C.

The Scriptures have been translated into 1068 languages or dialects.

The first complete English translation was by Wycliffe in A.D. 1380; the first French translation in 1160; the German translation in 1460; the American translation in 1752.

The oldest manuscript of the Bible in the British Museum is the "Codex Alexandrinus"; the "Codex Vaticanus" is the oldest in the Vatican Library at Rome.

The Apocrypha has 4 books, 183 chapters, 6,081 verses, 252,185 words, and 1,063,876 letters.

There is a Bible in the library of the University of Gottingen written on 2,470 palm leaves.

Our English Bible is the combined writings of about forty men. These men were not contemporary, but lived at various times during a period of more than 1500 years. These men wrote under the most varied conditions.

Some wrote in prison, some in palaces, others in caves, in deserts, by the river bank, in exile, in victory, in defeat, in success—in fact, under most every possible condition.

These men were from every walk of life. Kings, peasants, priests, fishermen, generals, shepherds, noblemen, tax-gatherers, doctors, lawyers, statesmen, and politicians are among its writers. They made use in their writings of every form of expression used by men to convey thought: prose, poetry, law, government decrees, laws, sermons, parables, pictorial symbols, even personal letters, and, most particular, prophecy. They wrote about every subject which vitally affects men: creation, the origin, working and destiny of sin, death, life, nations, governments; hell and heaven; and the being, character, and plan of God.

Such is our Bible, so majestic, exalted and marvelous in its sweep. The Old Testament ends with a curse; and the New Testament with a benediction.

Acts 26 is the finest chapter to read; Psalm 36, the most beautiful. The five most inspiring promises are John 14: 1-3, 23; 6:37; Matthew 11:28; Psalm 37:4. Let us hide such within our hearts.

Isaiah 60:1 is the verse for the young convert, and Psalm 25:4 is the pillow for the head of the dying saints.

All who boast of perfection should learn Matthew 6.—Rev. Herbert Lockyer.

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