Bible Sermon Illustrations

Bible Sermon Illustrations

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Five Pounds And The Book

A wealthy old gentleman residing in London on one of his birthdays invited his servants into the house to receive presents.

"Which will you have," he asked, addressing the groom, "this Bible or a five-pound note?"

"I would take the Bible, sir, but I cannot read ,- so I think the money will do me more good," replied the hostler.

"And you?" he asked the gardener.

"My poor wife is so ill that I sadly need the money," responded the gardener with a bow.

"Mary, you can read," said the old man, turning to his cook, "will you have the Bible?"

"I can read, sir, but I never get time to look into a book, and the money will buy a fine dress."

Next was the chambermaid, but she had one Bible and did not want another.

Last came the errand boy. "My lad," said his kind benefactor, "will you take these five pounds and replace your shabby clothes by a new suit?"

"Thank you, sir; but my dear mother used to read to me that the Law of the Lord was better than thousands of gold and silver. I will have the good Book, if you please."

"God bless you, my boy! and may your wise choice prove riches and honor and long life unto you !" As the lad received the Bible and unclasped its covers, a bright gold piece rolled to the floor. Quickly turning its pages, he found them thickly interleaved with bank notes, while the four servants, discovering the mistake of their worldly coveteousness, hastily departed in chagrin. Selected.

Jonathan Goforth's Conviction

"I believe the Bible is the Word of God because it is the holy book God uses in the conversion of men. Mr. Moody said in every case of conversion he knew of it was some portion of the Bible that the Holy Spirit used. My own experience leads me to the same conclusion. I am so convinced of this that I never speak to the unsaved in China without having my open Bible,—'the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.' His Word is like fire and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces. In all the history of the Church of Jesus Christ there is no authentic instance of a soul being genuinely born into the Kingdom of God apart from the Bible or something derived from it. I saw a man in the province of Kwonghsi, China, who, with his whole family, was converted only through the reading of the Word. He wrote over the door of his house, `This household belongs to the living God."'—The Sunday School Times.

Prove It Yourself

There is a something in each of us which makes us eager and curious to know about another person's success or failure as the case may be. This is more apparent when it is someone who is or has been well known.

There is an interesting incident which occurred in the lives of Gilbert West and Lord Lyttleton. They were both avowed skeptics, so much so that they maintained that the Bible was the biggest imposture ever foisted upon mankind. They were not content to say this, however, but purposely set out to prove it. Mr. West set out to write a book about the irregularities and impossibilities of the resurrection of Christ. Lord Lyttleton was going to make a proper laughing stock of the conversion of Paul. With a hearty good will they set to work, leaving no stone unturned which would prove the absurdity and inconsistencies of either Paul's conversion or the resurrection of Christ.

At the time and place appointed they met to gloat over their successes in their respective searches before making the results known to the world. Imagine their surprise, then, when they met each other, to discover that they had both been converted to God through their studies. Instead of finding an imposture they found the very Words of Life. Their eyes were opened and they saw that they were sinners and that it was God's Word they were seeking to attack. It proved itself again, however, to be "sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart" (Heb. 4:12).—Gospel Herald.

A New Tenant

In a small town of Guatemala, a woman named Mercedes Morales operated a saloon with a flourishing trade. Four years ago she was going through a bunch of old papers and came upon a sheet nearly destroyed by rats — it was a page her son had torn out of a Gospel songbook some years before. She read it, thought it must refer to angels in Heaven, and spoke to her son about it. He answered, "No, Mother, those are the believers in Jesus." "But where are they?" said she, "in Heaven?" He said, "No, right here on earth." "Well, then," replied Mercedes Morales, "I want to believe in Jesus; I want joy like that. But, see here, boy, is there anyone here in the village who can tell me more about Jesus?" The son said that there was a woman in the village who had a Bible. That very day she found this woman, borrowed her Bible, and sat up all night, reading it. Then ant there her life was changed. The following day when customers came for drinks they were told, "You can't get any more liquor here because the woman who used to sell it does not live here. Today a Jesus believer lives here." She poured out the barrels of liquor, and now she keeps a little store where she sells but­tons, needles, thread, and dress goods. No one comes in to her shop who does not receive a tract. When a missionary passing through the town some time later, held a meeting, seven men and one woman accepted Christ.—Guatemala News.

Not Well Qualified?

"In conversation with members of the pulpit committee of one of our larger .hurches in this state, the writer urged 'hem to consider a man with `Moody' background, assuring them that we ;ould commend for their consideration some well qualified man. After some discussion the chairman stated he did not )elieve they would consider Moody men, ind asked for the reason, he made this ;ignificant reply, `Moody men preach mly the Bible.' "—Moody Bible Institute Bulletin.

Samuel Chadwick on the Bible

"I have worked at the Bible, prayed over the Bible, lived by the Bible for more than sixty years, and I tell you there is no book like the Bible. It is a miracle of literature, a perennial spring of wisdom, a wonder-book of surprises, a revelation of mystery, an infallible guide of conduct, and an unspeakable source of comfort... Read it for yourself. Study it according to its own directions. Believe its message. Follow its precepts. No man is uneducated who knows the Bible, and no man is wise who is ignorant of its teachings. ..I never go anywhere without it, and it is my chief joy.—Free Methodist.

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