Bible Sermon Illustrations

Bible Sermon Illustrations

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God's Book

A woman missionary in Africa saw an unknown native coming toward her. He was dressed in the customary skins and was leading a goat. He put down his spear and tied up the goat, and then said: "White lady, has God's Book arrived in our country?"

"Are you interested in God's Book?" she asked.

"Yes," replied that native; "my son brought me these pieces of paper, and has been teaching me the words, `God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son'. I heard that God's Book had arrived, and I have walked for five days, and I have brought this goat to buy God's Book."

Then she showed him a copy of the Bible and found the place where the words were printed.

"Give me that Book," he entreated, and you may keep this goat."

Then he walked up and down, pressing the Book to his heart, and saying. "God's Book. God's Book. He has spoken to us in our own language."—Apples of Gold.

She Didn't Believe It!

When Dr. J. C. Massee's daughter was small, attending a school in Brooklyn, her teacher said one day "There is no doubt at all but that the moon is made of green cheese." She further explained that this was due to a "chemical reaction." Dr. Massee's daughter told her father, "I told her I didn't believe it, that it wasn't in the Bible and I'd prove it."

She then asked her daddy to help her win her point; but he told her to study her Bible and try to figure it out herself, for he was too busy to help her that evening. The next morning he had planned to help her, but she left for school without his help. All day he wondered how she got along with her teach­er; so when she came home that evening he was interested to hear her explain. "I got down my Bible as you told me and found where it said that the moon was made on the fourth day and cows were not made until the sixth day. So I asked the teacher how the moon could be made of green cheese when there wasn't any milk to make it of."—Christian Victory.

Preferred Literature

An atheist sent a parcel of infidel literature to a young man, advising him to read it in preference to the Bible. He wrote back:

"Dear Sir:

If you have anything better than the Sermon on the Mount, more beautiful than the story of the prodigal son or the Good Samaritan; or any code of morals higher than the Ten Commandments or the `Golden Rule' of Jesus Christ; or more consoling and beautiful than the Twenty-third Psalm; or anything that will reveal to me a more loving and merciful God, or will throw more light on the future—send it along!"—Sunday School Times.

Smashing The Microscope

Through a microscope a native of India, was shown the germs in the water from the Ganges, and was told not to drink that water anymore. He didn't like the looks of the germs wriggling round in the water, so he took a heavy club and broke the microscope and continued to drink the water.—Exchange.

Secret Study

Preeminent, supreme among the helps to secret prayer I place, of course, the secret study of the holy written Word of God. Read it on your knees, at least on the knees of your spirit. Read it to reassure, to feed, to regulate, to kindle, to give to your secret prayer at once body and soul. Read it that you may hold faster your certainity of being heard. Read it that you may know with blessed definiteness whom you have be­lieved, and what you have in Him, and how He is able to keep your deposit safe. Read it in the attitude of mind in which the Apostle read it, in which the Lord read it. Read it, not seldom, to turn it at once into prayer. H. G. C. Moule.

The Scoffer Silenced

A party of American tourists were some time ago touring Palestine, amongst whom was a young man who took delight in discrediting the Word of God. Having come over the rim of mountains which encircle the sea of Galilee, and having their first view of its beautiful waters, which were very peaceful, this young man engaged in a taunting laugh as he ridiculed the idea of any fisherman who had any knowledge about a boat getting scared in a storm on such a small portion of water - as the disciples did according to Luke 8:23.

The party had scarcely reached the shore when with great suddenness a storm—even a typical Galilean one-broke upon the scene, coming down from the hills, it being so severe that within a very short time the waves were breaking over two towers situated there, and that party of tourists were taking shelter behind one of the buildings a short distance from the shore, for fear of being drenched by the spray which was given by the storm.

It is, of course, needless to say anything of the one who demonstrating his unbelief in the Bible, because he was having a taste of the very thing which he denied. Even today we find many who say the Scriptures are untrue, and all the time the Lord is showing the truth of His precious Word by the work of the excavators in Bible Lands. Oh, how this should silence those who throw discredit upon the Holy Scriptures.—S. L., in The British Evangelist.

Bible From The Dumps

Not all hotel managers like to have Bibles in their rooms. For example, when a hotel in western Canada changed ownership, the new proprietor had all the Gideon Bibles thrown out on the dump. Later, a poor girl went to the dump hoping to find something of value that she could sell. Noticing the Books, she picked up one and took it home. Through reading it she found Christ, and this led to the formation of a Sunday School class, whose members also went to the dump and provided themselves with Bibles, so that not one copy was left unappropriated.—Sunday School Times.

Bible Complete

All the good from the Saviour of the world is communicated through this Book; but for this Book we could not know right from wrong. All the things desirable to man are contained in it.—Abraham Lincoln.

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