Bible Sermon Illustrations

Bible Sermon Illustrations

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The Boat That Was Shipwrecked

Before Alexander Duff, the missionary, reached India, he was twice ship­wrecked. On the very coast of India, only a few miles from the place that was to be his home, an awful storm struck the ship and wrecked it upon the shore. The first night in India he slept in a heathen temple.

He was sailing from his home for India in the "Lady Holland." He had been a great student and had won many honors in college and gathered together a library of eight hundred volumes. He loved these books very much. When the ship was wrecked, he lost all of them. Everything was gone! All gone!

When the people were safe on land, they looked like an unhappy company. From the shore the missionary watched, hoping he might see something from the wreck floating on the sea.

All of a sudden he jumped up, for he saw something very small on the water. He thought it hardly worth saving. It was washed up on the shore and when he picked it up he found it was his own Bible. He thought it was very strange that out of all his eight hundred books, only one was saved, and that one was his Bible. He thought God wished him to know that that one Book was worth more than all the other seven hundred and ninety-nine which he had lost, and that he was to make it the chief study of his life. He opened it, and there on that lonely shore he read to his friends these words from one of the Psalms:

"They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the Lord, and His wonders in the deep."

When Alexander Duff began his work in India he started a school to educate the Hindu boys. In that school the Bible was taught. He loved the Bible and he wanted to teach it to others who did not know it. After a few years there were a thousand scholars, and several big school buildings. Often they sang:

"Holy, Bible! Book Divine,
Precious Treasure, thou art mine;
Mine to tell me whence I came,
Mine to tell me what I am." Children's Missionary Story Sermons.

Never was a better reply made than that a poor Irishman gave to a Catholic priest, while he was defending himself for reading the Scriptures for himself. Said the priest, "The Bible is for priests, and not for the likes of you." "Ah! but sir," he answered, "I was reading in my Bible, 'You shall read it to your children,' and sure the priests have no children." "But, Michael," says the priest, "you cannot understand the Bible. It is not for you to understand it, my man." "Very well, yer riverence; if I cannot understand it, it will do me no harm, but what I can understand does me a heap o' good." "Mike," said the priest, "you must go to the Church, and the Church will teach you; the Church will give you the milk of the Word." "And where does the Church get it from but out of the Bible? Ah, yer riverence. I would rather keep the cow myself."—Chapel News.

Back to the Bible

When Henry Drummond, the great scientist and lecturer of Glasgow University, Scotland, was forty-six years of age, he was found to be dying of a mysterious disease. Weary of the jungle philosophy of evolution and tired of rattling the dried bones of dead monkeys as a means of finding the origin of life, he said to Sir William Dawson, a scientist and a devoted Christian, "I am going back to the Bible to believe it as I once did. I can no longer live in uncertainty." He did go back and his intellectual wan­dering and weariness were over.—Gospel Herald.

"It Is God's Voice"

"The ears of all the people were atten­tive unto the Book of the Law" (Neh. 8:3).

The Rev. Douglas Gray, a Wesleyan Methodist missionary, was translating the Gospel of Mark into Mukuni, the language of a tribe in Northern Rhodesia. One morning he went to his church and thought that, without saying anything, he would read the lesson from his notes in their language instead of using a translation in the language of the neighboring tribe as usual. The chapter was given out, and he began to read. Suddenly all seemed to sit up and start into new life. They called out, "It is God's voice; He is talking to us, He is using our language!"

A hymn was sung, and Mr. Gray was about to give out his text when the people called, some with tears streaming down their cheeks, "No, no! Let God go on talking to us. He speaks our language!" So for the rest of the service the chapter was read and reread. Mr. Gray will never forget what it meant to give the people the Word of God in their own language.—Glad Tidings.

Christ Throughout the Bible

Jesus Christ is the heart of the Bible. He is the Shiloh in Genesis; the I Am in Exodus; the Star and Scepter in Numbers; the Rock in Deuteronomy; the Captain of the Lord's Host in Joshua; the Redeemer in Job. He is David's Lord and Shepherd; in the Song of Songs He is the Beloved; in Isaiah He is the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. In Jeremiah He is the Lord our Righteousness; in Daniel He is the Messiah; in Zechariah He is the Branch; in Haggai He is the Desire of all Nations; in Malachi He is the Messenger of the Covenant and the Sun of Righteousness; and in the Book of Revelation He is the Alpha and the Omega and also the Morning Star.—The American Fundamentalist.

An Astonished Missionary

To show the need of circulating the Scriptures all over the world, the following remarkable incident will bear witness.

An American missionary was sent to Burma to make inquiries about the languages. He himself spoke Burmese, and traveled up the country for many hundred miles. One night he encamped near a small village. Here he heard prayer going on in Burmese. He listened, and to his utter atonishment heard, not the name of Buddha, or that of any idol, but the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the more surprised, for he knew that no missionary or white man had ever been to that part of the world, and so he went into the village and began to make inquiries.

He found that the head man of the village had, some years previously, been down to another village some miles distant and had brought an article of food wrapped up in a Burmese printed paper, which happened to be one single chapter of the Word of God with a piece torn out of the corner. He read it, and having himself sought to put sin away, he found that Saviour who is the Son of God, and who he found was able to cleanse from sin.

He now called his friends together, and read that piece of the Scriptures to them, and induced them to put away their idols. And when this missionary found them they had been for six years praying to Christ as the Saviour of sinners. This is the blessing of God upon the glorious work of spreading abroad simply and solely the truth as it is in Jesus Christ.—Friends Witness

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