Bible Sermon Illustrations

Bible Sermon Illustrations

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She Knew Too Much Bible

A little girl, being asked by a priest to attend religious instruction, refused saying it was against her father's wishes. The priest said she should obey him, not her father. "Oh sir, we are taught in the Bible, `Honor thy father and thy mother."' "You have no busi­ness to read the Bible," said the priest. "But, sir, our Saviour said, `Search the Scriptures.'" "That was said to Jews, and not to children. You don't understand it," said the priest in reply. "But Paul said to Timothy, `From a child thou hast known the holy scriptures.'" Said the priest, "Timothy was being trained to be a bishop and he was taught by the church authorities." "No, sir," said the child, "he was taught by his mother and his grandmother." The priest turned away, saying she "knew enough of the Bible to poison a parish." Sunday School Times.

"I've Translated For Myself"

A young man went home from a theological school to visit his aged grandmother. To have a bit of fun at her expense he said: "Grandmother, you know the Bible that you say you believe was written in Hebrew and Greek. It had to be translated by great scholars into our language. How do you know those who translated it got it right?" "Ah, Jamie, lad," she answered, "never mind the great men; I have translated a few of them promises myself."—Overcomer.

The Miracle Book—

An Argentine woman who had bought a Spanish Bible was so much afraid of her husband that she read it every day in his absence, as he was an enemy of religion. One night, however, she had omitted to hide the Book, and her husband saw it on the table. Without saying anything, he began to read it, and then remarked to his wife that it appeared to be a good Book; and every night when he returned home he went on reading his wife's Bible. Shortly afterward his wife suggested that they should go together to see her parents, to whom they had not spoken for about two years. They went, and asked forgiveness, and now both families are following the Lord.—Watchman Examiner.

"Let's Go Back to the Bible"

The Bounty was a British ship which set sail from England in 1787, bound for the South Seas. The idea was that those on board would spend some time among the islands, transplanting food-bearing trees, and doing other things to make some of the islands more habitable. After ten months of voyage, the Bounty arrived safely at its destination, and for six months officers and crew gave themselves to the duties placed upon them by their governments.

When the special task was completed, and the order came to embark again, the sailors rebelled. They had formed strong attachments for the native girls, and the clim' to and ease of South Sea island life was much to their liking. The result was mutiny, and the sailors placed Captain Bligh and a few loyal men adrift in an open boat. Captain Bligh, in almost miraculous fashion, survived the ordeal, was rescued, and eventually arrived home in London to tell his story. An expedition was launched to punish the mutineers, and in due time fourteen of them were captured and paid the penalty under British law.

But nine of the men had gone to a distant island. There they formed a colony. Perhaps there never has been a more degraded social life than that of this colony. They learned to distill whiskey from a native plant, and whiskey, as usual, was their ruin. Disease and murder took the lives of all the native men and all but one of the white men, Alexander Smith by name. He found himself the only man on an island, surrounded by a crowd of women and half-breed children. And then occurred something unexplainable from the human viewpoint. Alexander Smith found a Bible among the possessions of a dead sailor. The Book was new to him, and he read it, and believed it and began to live it. He wanted others to share in the benefits of this book, so he gathered the women and children around him to read to them and to teach them.

So far as the record goes, it was twenty years before a ship touched the island, and when it did a minature Utopia was found. The people were living in decency, prosperity, and peace. There was nothing of crime, disease, insanity, illiteracy, or drunkenness. How was it accomplished? By the reading and acceptance of the Bible!

Here is the reason for a return to our exhortation, "Let's Go Back to the Bible." Because the Bible and only the Bible can do what needs to be done for our nation in this threatening hour. I'm afraid it sounds too simple for some people. They are looking for the com­plex and the complicated. —Courtesy Moody Monthly.

The Quick and Powerful Word

A highwayman once stopped John Wesley and demanded his money or his life. Wesley after giving himethe money, said, "Let me speak one word to you: The time may come when you will regret the course of life in which you are now engaged. Remember this: `The Blood of Jesus Christ * * cleanseth from * * all sin.'" No more was said, and they parted. Many years afterwards, as Wesley was going out of a church in which he had been preaching, a stranger introduced himself, and asked Mr. Wesley if he remembered being way-laid at such a time. He said he recollected it. "I was that man," said the stranger, "and that single verse you quoted on that oc­casion was the means of a total change in my life and habits. I have long since been attending the house of God, and giving attention to His Word."

"So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." Kingdom Truth.

Neglect of the Bible

Dr. James Hamilton once related an anecdote which illustrates a vital question in the Christian life. A writer recounts it as follows: "A gallant officer was pursued by an overwhelming force, and his followers were urging him to greater speed, when he discovered that his saddle-girth was becoming loose. He cooly dismounted, repaired the girth by tightening the buckle, and then dashed away. The broken buckle would have left him on the field a prisoner; the wise delay to repair damages, sent him on in safety amid the huzzas of his comrades."

The Christian who is in such haste to get about his business in the morning that he neglects his Bible and his season of prayer, rides with a broken buckle.—C. Lee Cook.

The Bible: Effective Proof

One day a skeptic asked a highly educated and cultured Christian woman how she could prove the Bible was the Word of God, and she said to him, "How can you prove there is a sun in the sky?"

"Why," he replied, "because it warms me and I can see its light."

"And so it is with me," she said, "the proof of this Book being the Word of God is that it warms my soul and gives it light."—W. E. Biederwolf.

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