Bible Sermon Illustrations

Bible Sermon Illustrations

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The Bible and "The Spirit of the Times"

It is surprising how many church members seem to think that we must adjust Bible teachings to "the spirit of the times" in which we live. Even a middle grade Sunday School scholar who has been trying to study the Bible and has had a teacher that studies his Bible rather than the spirit of the times should know that one of the outstanding characteristics is, that it at no time in its history ever adjusted itself to the spirit of the times. To the contrary, both the prophets of the Old Testament Scripture, and the apostles of the New Testament of the shed blood of Christ, everywhere and always preached a gospel that took hold of the spirit of the times in the way of rebuke and correction. They had a gospel that had in it power to wrestle with the spirit of the times and to conquer that spirit in favor of the spirit of righteousness and godliness.

The spirit of the times may, and often does, bring into churches a dozen or more sectional meetings during each week, while it is restive under the ministrations of the pulpit for two or three times a week, even if the preaching of the gospel from the pulpit takes more than twenty-five minutes at each time.

God help us to serve our times and to love the people of our times, but God help us in spiritual things everlastingly to set our faces against the materialism and lust for pleasure, and the ignorance of the teaching of the Word of God which characterize our times. May He help us, each in his own way and place, to declare the whole gospel of God for our times whether our times shall applaud or shall not applaud.— Western Recorder.

The Bible

It seems as if to the feet of the sacred writers the mountains had brought all their gems, and the sea all its pearls, and the gardens all their frankincense, and the spring all its blossoms, and the harvests all their wealth, and Heaven all its glory, and eternity all it stupendous realities; and that since then poets and orators and painters had been drinking from an exhausted fountain and searching for diamonds amid realms utterly rifled and ransacked.

Oh, this Book is the hive of all sweetness, the armory of all well-tempered weapons, the tower containing the crown jewels of the universe, the lamp that kindles all other lights, the home of all majesties and splendors, the stepping­stone on which Heaven stoops to kiss the earth with its glories, the marriage ring that unites the celestial and the terrestrial, while all the clustering white-robed multitudes of the sky stand round to rejoice at the nuptials. This Book is the wreath into which are twisted all garlands, the song into which bath struck all harmonies, the river of light into which bath poured all the great tides of hallelujahs, the firmament in which all suns and moons and stars and constellations and galaxies and immensities and universes and eternities wheel and blaze and triumph.

Where is the youth with music in his soul who is not stirred by Jacob's lament, or Nathan's dirge, or Habakkuk's dithyrambic, or Paul's march of the resurrection, or John's anthem of the ten thousand times ten thousand doxology of elders on their faces, answering to the trumpet blast of archangel, with one foot on the sea and the other on the land, declaring that time shall be no longer?—Talmage.

A Scientist's Testimony

As a result of many years' diligent study and crucial testings, I now believe — and am sure — that the whole Bible is God's Word.

I am certain that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary. I believe that all men are by nature sinners, alienated from the life that is in God. Our Saviour shed His sacrificial blood upon the cross to pay the infinite penalty for the guilt of a lost world. I believe that he who thus receives Jesus Christ as his Saviour is "born again" spiritually by His Holy Spirit.

I perceive that no man can save himself by his good works or by what is called a "moral life," while such works in the new life are but the evidence and natural fruits of the hidden life of faith within. I believe that the rebellious agent — Satan, — both the cause of man's fall and of his continuance in sin, — is the prince of the kingdoms of this world, who, as the Bible announced at the very outset (Gen. 3:15) will be finally defeated and made forever im­potent. As Christ first came in weakness and humility, He will return to earth in incomparable glory to reign over His kingdom through unending ages and for His return I look daily; all signs seem to herald His Approach! Howard A. Kelly, M.D., LL.D., etc.

When He Forgot to Shave

Some years ago there came to the city of Chicago a man who sold goods for a New York concern. He had been stealing money from his company until the amount totaled a few thousand dollars. The man had worked out a plan by which he thought to stifle his conscience. He would work hard all day and go out to places of amusement at night, and remain to a late hour. One day in a Chicago hotel, he was stropping an old-fashioned razor, and, looking for a piece of paper to wipe the blade on, he tore out a page from a Gideon Gible. Starting to wipe the blade, his eye caught these words, "The wages of sin is death." Conviction struck his heart, and smoothing out the page, he read, "The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." The startled salesman read the Bible for two hours, and then on his knees beside the bed with the Bible open in front of him, he acknowledged himself to be a sinner and in need of a Saviour. He took Christ as his Saviour, and realizing that a new life had been bestowed upon him, he wired the firm in New York that he was returning. He made a confession of the stolen money. He was not prosecuted and not even discharged, but allowed to pay back something each month out of his salary. Dr. Will H. Houghton states that the last he heard of this man he was living in New Jersey and bearing his testimony to the power of the Bible and the saving power of his Saviour, Christ Jesus. Condensed from Gideon Magazine.

A Jew's Discovery of a Forbidden Book

On the streets of Vienna, Austria, one day, a New Testament in Hebrew was given to a brilliant young teacher in a Jewish school. He had been warned against reading this book, but once in his room he locked the door and opened the book to the first page. Before he had finished a page or two he was comparing it with the Old Testament prophecies and seeing how marvelously they were fulfilled. He was utterly captivated and could not lay it aside. Before he realized it, he discovered that he had been reading all night long! Thus, as he read, without anyone saying a word to him, he became convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that the Christ of the New Testament, and the promised Messiah of the Old Testament, were one and the same Person; and that He was the one of whom Moses and the prophets did write. He at once accepted Him as his own Messiah and Saviour. This one copy of the New Testament transformed the life of this young teacher; then the lives of a number of others to whom it was secretly passed; and then caused him to travel 5,000 miles to another continent for the purpose of winning his brother, Jacob Gartenhaus, to the Saviour.—Sunday School Times

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