Sermon Illustrations

April 9, 2010

Is a Sunday School Worth While?

Two men met upon a steamer during a Scotch excursion and talked of many things, among others of Sabbath schools. "To tell the truth," said one of them, "I am not very enthusiastic about that kind of work. I was a teacher for many years, and, after all, I seem to have done no good." "Well, I do believe in Sabbath school work," said the other. "As a lad I received life-long influences for good in my old class." And he named the school with which he had once been connected. "Were you there?" asked the other. "That is where I taught. Were you there in my time? My name is George Brown." "And I was your scholar. I remember you now," said the younger man. "I owe everything to you." There, side by side, stood the teacher who believed that he had done nothing, and the man he had influenced for life.The Presbyterian.

Subjects: Rewards, Reward of Virtue, Reward of Merit

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