Sermon Illustrations

April 7, 2010

In Carlyle's Past and Present he tells of a proud and cruel prince, Henry of Essex, who profaned the shrine of St. Edmund, and shamefully used a certain Knight Gilbert, causing him to wear out his life in chains and imprisonment.

Years afterward this prince was in a deadly battle with a knight on an island in the Thames. Giving way for a little, he glanced to one side, and lo! at the rim of the horizon he saw marching toward him an armed knight whose stature was gigantic. It was the wronged Sir Gilbert, and at his side marched St. Edmund. With that, Henry's sword fell from his hand, and he was soon vanquished. "Thus does conscience project itself across whatsoever of knowledge or imagination, understanding or natural disposition, a man has in him, and like the light through colored glass, paint strange pictures on the rim of the horizon. Justice and reverence are the everlasting laws of this universe and to forget them is to have all the universe against you, God and one's self for enemies, and only the Devil and the Dragon for friends!"

Subjects: Retribution, Judgment

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