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April 22, 2010

Danger in Delay

Years ago in Pennsylvania, United States, a small town stood near a river. Just above the town a large dam was built across the river which held back a great volume of water. Then came extra heavy rains and the water rose to a height unknown before. Engineers were anxiously watching and asking: Will the dam hold?' Suddenly a crack was noticed in the dam. Immediately the engineers gave a warning. Word was passed round to all, 'Flee at once to the hills; the dam is breaking and a terrible flood will come.' But that dam had been there many years and no flood had been seen. Some doubted and said, 'What do these young fellows know about it?' And they refused to leave with those who left everything to fly for safety.

Then suddenly with a tremendous roar the dam burst and millions of gallons of water swept down the valley sending over three hundred to their death. When the catastrophe came there was no time to get away. Those who heeded the warning and left at once had time to reach safety, but those who did not obey the warning had no time to escape. Have you heard the voice of God warning you to flee from the danger that is coming? 'There's danger and death in delay.'—A. L. Goold

(Gen. 19. 17; Matt. 3. 7; Acts 13. 40, 41; Rev. 6. 15, 16)

Subjects: Dangers, Delay

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