Sermon Illustrations

April 20, 2010

Different from Power

In the Greek, the word for 'authority' is 'exousia' ; for `power"dunamis'.

A Government surveyor one day brought his theodolite along to a farm, called on the farmer and asked permission to set it up in a field nearby to take readings. Seeing the farmer's unwillingness to let him enter the field, he produced his papers and explained that he had Government authority for entering the field and could, on the same authority, go anywhere in the country to take necessary readings. Reluctantly the farmer opened the barred gate and allowed him to enter and set up his survey table, but went to the other end of the field and let in the fiercest of his bulls. The surveyor was greatly alarmed at seeing the bull approach, and the farmer from the other side of the gate shouted to him, 'Show him your credentials : show him your authority'. The surveyor had the authority to enter but had not the power to resist the bull. The God- sent evangelist has both authority and power to fulfill his commission. (Matt. 28. 18; Rom. 1. 16)

Subjects: Power, Authority

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