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April 2, 2010

God's Wonderful Book

A certain Christian traveler was packing his suitcase when about to proceed on a journey, when he remarked to a friend: "There is still a little corner left open in which I desire to pack a guidebook, a lamp, a mirror, a telescope, a book of poems, a number of biographies, a bundle of old letters, a hymn­book, a sharp sword, a small library, containing thirty volumes, and all these articles must occupy a space of about three by two inches." "How are you going to manage that?" queried his friend, and the reply was: "Very easily, for the Bible contains all these things."

The most wonderful, the most marvelous book in all the literature of the world is the Bible, because it is God's own Book!

God's creatures are we, proceeding through this world of sin on our short pilgrim journey, and it is therefore necessary to know one thing, or at least inquire for it, and that is the way to heaven. God Himself has clearly shown us the way even unto eternal life, and these directions are to be found in the Bible. This Book of God, therefore, is absolutely necessary on the pilgrim's journey as the Guide, which reveals unto fallen man the profoundest, the highest of all revelations: namely, the love, grace and mercy of the triune God.—The Comforter.

Subjects: Bible, Scriptures

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