Sermon Illustrations

April 17, 2010

A Valuable Slip

When James A. Garfield was a young man a printed slip was given him by a friend which he carefully cherished. It reads as follows: "Make few promises. Always speak the truth. Never speak evil of anyone. Keep good company or none. Drink no intoxicating liquors. Good character is above everything else. Be honest if you would be happy. When you speak to a person look into his eyes. Spend less than you earn. Live within your income. Never run into debt unless you see your way out. Good company and good conversation are the essentials of virtue. Good character can be injured only by your own acts. If evil is spoken of you, let your life refute the falsehood. If your hands cannot be employed, attend to the cultivation of your mind. Read the above carefully and thoughtfully." —Watchman-Examiner.

Subjects: Character, Attitude

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