Sermon Illustrations

April 14, 2010


In a certain town there had been no revival for many years. The church was nearly run out. The people were unconverted. Spiritual desolation reigned. There lived in the town an old blacksmith, who stammered so greatly in his speech that it was painful to hear him speak. At work in his shop his mind became greatly exercised about the church; his agony was so great he locked the door and spent the afternoon in prayer. He prevailed with God. He then obtained the reluctant consent of his pastor to appoint a meeting, but with no hope on the preacher's part of any attendance. But the room was more than filled. All was silent for a time until one sinner broke out in tears and begged, if anyone could pray, to pray for him. Others followed, and it was found that persons from every quarter of the town were under deep conviction—all dating their conviction from the hour the old man was praying in his shop. A powerful revival followed. The stammering man prevailed and, as a prince, had power with God.—Gospel Banner

Subjects: Revival, Holy Spirit

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