Sermon Illustrations

April 10, 2010

What the Flags Meant

In one of the Western cities an old sea captain who had crossed the Pacific at least fifty times resigned his position, and being an earnest Christian he devoted all of his time to helping others. He especially gave his efforts to help sailors. He came into the hospital one day and the matron in charge said, "Captain, at the last cot yonder is an old sailor, and he is not long for this world." He marched down between the cots, and as he came nearer he saw around the cot a number of little flags, as if the sailor had gone back to the days of his childhood and had decorated his cot with the flags of many colors. He found the old sailor had served him in the old days, and he said, "Man, what do these mean?" The sailor said, "Captain, have you forgotten how to use the signals? Don't you know how to read flags?" "I am a bit rusty," replied the captain; "if I had the book I could read." "Well, Captain, if you have forgotten I will tell you what the flags say. They say this: `The ship is all ready to sail,' and `She is waiting orders,' Captain," said he, "I know Christ; one day He will come for me."—J. Wilbur Chapman.

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