Affliction Sermon Illustrations

AFFLICTION Sermon illustrations

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Let thy gold be cast in the furnace,
Thy red gold, precious and bright:
Do not fear the hungry fire, with
Its caverns of burning light.
And thy gold shall return more precious,
Free from every spot and stain:
For gold must be tried by fire, as
A heart is tried by pain.

In the cruel fire of sorrow
Cast thy heart—do not faint or wail:
Let thy hand be firm and steady,
Do not let thy spirit quail.
But wait till the trial is over,
And take thy heart again,
For as gold is tried with fire, so
A heart must be tried by pain.

I shall know by the gleam and glitter
Of the golden chain you wear,
By your heart's calm strength in loving,
Of the fire you have had to bear,
Beat on, true heart, forever:
Shine bright, strong golden chain,
And bless the cleansing fire, and
The furnace of living pain.—Selected

John Taylor Smith, who became the well-known Bishop Taylor Smith, when a student, had planned to attend the meetings of the Mildmay Conference, then at the height of its influence.

Just before the time, however, he injured his knee and had to go to bed. He felt led to turn to the Epistles as he lay in bed, and he began to read through the Epistle to the Romans. He received such a blessing at that time that he prayed in the simplicity of faith, 'Lord, if this be the result of a bruised knee, please give me a broken leg.' (Ps. 119. 67)

Each care, each ill of mortal birth,
Is sent in pitying love,
To lift the lingering heart from earth,
And speed its flight above.
And every pang that wrings the breast,
And every joy that dies,
Tell us to seek a purer rest,
And trust to holier ties.—Montgomery

When the God-fearing Munster lay sick, and his friends asked him how he did, he pointed to the painful sores which covered his body and said, "These are God's gems and jewels, wherewith he decks His best friends; and to me they are more precious than all the gold and silver in the world."—Brooks

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