Abraham Sermon Illustrations

Abraham Sermon Illustrations

Under the roof of the mosque at Hebron are the cenotaphs of the three patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—not the tombs, but their monuments, or cenotaphs. Each one is covered with gorgeous green brocade, and each is shielded by a silver grille. In the middle of the floor is a circular opening covered with a grating. From this grating a lamp is sus­pended. Looking down through the opening, you can see the lamp burning in the darkness far below.

You are looking into the cave of Machpelah, and there rests the dust of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The wind of the ages seems to be blowing there, and you seem to hear the voice of the remotest past. You are standing where Abraham bought the Cave of Machpelah to bury his dead out of his sight. There he buried Sarah, there he himself was laid to rest, and there Isaac and Jacob were gathered to their fathers. On all the earth is there an authentic sepulcher which evokes such memories as this one beneath the mosque at Hebron?

Is thrice called the 'friend of God' (2 Chron. 20. 7; James 2. 23). His outstanding faith is the theme of Romans Chapter 4-verse 11 the sign or seal of faith, that made his faith Prospective: verse 12 his steps of faith, showing that his faith was Progressive: verse 16 the seed of faith, which proves that faith is Productive. verse 20 the strength of his faith, for it was also Persuasive.

Abraham's was the faith that justifies (Gen. 15. 6), that testifies (Gen. 12. 7, 8), that verifies (Gen. 12. 8), that multiplies (Gen. 13. 16; 15. 5) and the faith of enterprise (Heb. 11. 8).

`The annals of adventure have few tales to match the courage and daring of the man who, at the call of God in the Twentieth century B.C., left Mesopotamia and struck out across the desert with no compass but the stars and no guide but God. Abraham's secret was, of course, faith, but we should note that, while it was faith that made a Moses and a Muller and marked them out among their fellows, it is this very quality of faith which levels them all and proves that they were not supermen but men of like passions to ourselves. It is the fact of their faith that brings their glorious exploits within the range of possibility in our own puny lives.'

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